Welcome to Fossil Free East Yorkshire.  Town by town, city by city, we’re ending the age of fossil fuels and building a world of community-led renewable energy for all.

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Demand #1

A Fast & Just Transition to 100% Renewable Energy for all

Accelerate the transition to a new, just clean energy economy by supporting community-led energy solutions.


Demand #2

No New Fossil Fuel Projects Anywhere

Stop and ban all oil, coal and gas projects from being built through local resolutions and community resistance.


Despite declaring a climate emergency, East Riding of Yorkshire Council approved plans for a new oil well at West Newton on 17th March. THANKYOU to everyone who registered their objection or donated to help fund the expert reports. This was not the outcome we wanted but the fight against fossil fuels goes on. Sign up to our newsletter to keep updated with our next action.



Demand #3

Not a Penny More for Dirty Energy

Cut off the social license and financing for fossil fuels — divest, desponsor and defund.

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